The Hemisphere Necklace

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EMMESPHERE for Elegance and Every Occasion‎

The Hemisphere Necklace is a magnet-embedded semi-spheric pendant which hangs elegantly from a 925 Sterling Silver snake chain necklace.

The necklace comes in 9-Carat Gold-Plated or Rhodium-Plated 925 Sterling Silver finishes, and the full length of the necklace is 26” with a 2” extender / 66cm with 5cm extender. The magnetic pendant comes in gold and silver finishes.

The pendant is specifically designed to elegantly fit with EMMESPHERE's "Qliq!" jewelry pieces*. With the pendant necklace, the "Qliq!" collection is accentuated to another level of elegance and could be worn simply as an accessory for any occasion.

"Qliq!" and Change Styles

Easy swap in and out feature allows you to transform this beautiful jewelry to match your extensive wardrobe and create a stylish edge to any look. A style statement that's sure to turn heads.


* "Qliq!" jewelry pieces are not included, you have to buy them separately. Click here to check out our Qliq! Collection