About Us


'EM'body. 'EM'brace. 'EM'power. ME.

At EMMESPHERE, we hold close to heart these three ‘EM’s as it represents the inner beauty, strength and confidence that people from all walks of life have in their own ways. Individuals thrive when they uphold the quintessence of their true self, regardless of societal boundaries and the obligation to adapt. We believe that everyone EMbodies great qualities in their own ways, and should feel at ease to EMbrace who they are and be EMpowered to be themselves.

Authenticity and the projection of inner beauty are exceptional qualities to embrace, and we integrate these elements into our design philosophy. Ultimately, EMMESPHERE wants to create products that would connect with our customers so that they feel they are able to express their personality, character and style with confidence.  


Our Team

EMMESPHERE is a functional jewelry brand conceived by three ladies; a jewelry designer, a digital guru, and a product and user experience specialist. We aim to be the breath of fresh air in the functional wearables category, offering products that breaks the convention of typical consumer electronics design aesthetics, which is characteristic of what we see in the market today.

Having all worked in the Consumer Electronics sector, the founding team members strongly identify with the latent needs of consumers who look for products which looks good on them while giving them the good performance and a pleasant user experience.

At EMMESPHERE, we believe that aesthetics should not be compromised as a result of pure conformity to the current norms in designs for consumer electronics. We strive for "form meets function and fashion".